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Investment Property — negative gearing and growing wealth

The Australian love affair with residential property investment fuels a significant amount of today's cultural commentary, media advertising (and tantalising) investing, and adds to the supply of rental accommodation for Australia's growing population.

Regardless of your political view of soaring property acquisition costs, long-term negative gearing deductibility or domestic or commercial property biases, we believe investing in the asset class that is property, should like all good investments, be by the numbers and equally deserving of careful planning and understanding.

There are many ways Australians can gain exposure to the property market including in their own names, via a Family Trust, Unit Trust or Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) structure and fractional managed investing.  These investments can include direct residential property investment, investment in commercial and industrial property markets and listed and unlisted property fractional investments, all with different investment outcomes, levels of risk and liquidity capabilities.

All this to say – investing in property in Australia does not have to be a single purchase of a residential property held for 30 years.

  • Did you know that different types of property usually have different returns and not all types of property suit all types of investors?
  • Did you know you can invest in property through a fractional investment structure?

We've been researching, assessing and supplying quality investment property options to our clients for over 20 years. Our big-picture expertise means we can help you choose a type of property, understand its strengths and weaknesses and benefit from a location that works with your future plans and not a current fad-driven only by emotion.

How do you know if an investment property is an appropriate investment for you?

The answer to this question has to first begin with a question about your goals, financial capacities and your time horizon.

Investing by the numbers, not the emotion

Alarmingly, the answer is only a small proportion of investment properties are investor grade. Many properties are of poor quality and poorly located, built without any proper consideration of rental demographics, future government planning changes, and the drivers of capital growth and 'rent-ability'.

This is why some developers seek to offload substandard property through unlicensed, unqualified and uncaring salespeople to the unsuspecting public.

With a little more reading and some insights about how to better understand the fundamentals of investment property, a significant opportunity should not be ignored.

How we can help

Investing in different asset classes, including property, is a way to get exposure to different investment markets and an important consideration for many Australians planning their financial future. Below you'll find some useful articles to help start your property investment thinking.

Contact us for a confidential chat about your needs.

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