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Our Process

Every good decision has a repeatable process.

Every good decision follows a deliberate process and framework

S7 framework logo sapience financialWe believe there's great value in a good decision and the ability to recognise the right dots to connect.

When working with clients, we use our proprietary S7 Strategy Framework to make sure;

  1. we first understand your situation, then
  2. understand how you got there, and
  3. where do you want to go now

This means we strive not to miss the important small stuff, while we’re also looking at the bigger picture. We make sound judgments because they are always based on sound principles.

Why do we have a Strategy Framework?

Simple. This ensures we gather all the pieces to your story first before we even start thinking about what's possible. And like all good journeys, it's not a simplistic procedure to an end result, but a carefully designed process to begin to understand what's possible.

Our experience has been, the best solution to a problem depends on the best start to its diagnosis.

Getting good at making good decisions

Good judgment is hard to define and harder still to acquire.

Certainly, some part of good judgment seems to be innate: connected with having a balanced character and understanding of people. But we believe that 'good decisions' can be improved with practice and using a framework to achieve clarity on the right strategy for you.

By using a strategy framework, you increase the chance of challenging your current thinking and therefore learning something new.

Yes, we said 'challenge'.

If your financial adviser is not stretching your thinking, challenging your default attitudes about your Money Mindsets and helping you achieve something bigger, then maybe you need to be working with a more experienced and proactive adviser like Sapience.

The problem of managing complexity

The S7 discovery framework in colourWhile growing wealth can add numbers to your bank account, it can also add complexity to your financial and emotional life.

We understand that life is busy, and talking about insurances or income protection, estate planning or money matters - may not be at the top of your list, like it is for us. That's why you can benefit from our focus and expertise.

We also appreciate our clients like to move at their own pace and learn about their options first. That's why we follow a deliberate process.

Our Process Framework

Some people can work through the framework quickly in a single conversation. Others may like to take a few weeks. Regardless of how you like to make financial decisions, we can help manage the process for you.

You make the decisions, we'll bring them to life.

Our S7 Framework leverages seven core steps

Sapience — We're all about 'The How'

What you get from talking with a real-life person is not a conceptual framework or academic theory, but an experienced point of view integrated into a personality.

Our guiding philosophy is based on the belief successful people:

  • have deliberately different behaviours and attitudes to their life and business
  • regularly lean upon the expertise and advice of professionals to avoid mistakes,
  • are prepared to always learn new skills and accelerate their own progress, and
  • have a realistic understanding of the risks they will face and follow a plan to meet them, just in case.

Where to start

The most common frustrations most people have with financial advice are based on three recurring problems;

  • Not knowing what's possible
  • Not knowing what's practical, and
  • Not knowing the sequence of steps needed for deciding what to do first.

We specialise in helping answer these 3 core questions for our clients.

  • To start the process it's important you take time to understand the statistical, Numbers of Life, and if you're in business, to understand the statistical Numbers of Business, too. Remember the problem lies in their being statistical realities we can't avoid, just manage better.
  • Then we encourage you to learn about the Cost to Care and the risks of surprise out-of-pocket expenses that can drain a family's budget or derail a small business's cashflow, and how they can be managed with a life insurance policy.

See us as your professional financial problem solver and put our expertise to your benefit.

How we can help

Following a deliberate process with a view to the end result is an important part of protecting your business and your family, from the business.

Contact us for a confidential chat about your needs.

The S7 Framework in Action


Let's first make sure we're a good fit to do business together - we expect we'd both like to know. Are we the type of people you could see yourself doing business with for the next five years? Can we add value to your financial life? Do we challenge your thinking?

Clarity & Goals:

Get clear about your situation and what you want to achieve. You might already know what you want and just need help putting the pieces in place. Others might just know the general problem they face but be unsure where to start. Some people just want an expert to provide a second opinion. When you get clear about your 'Why', you can make a better decision about the How.


Many attempts at strategy lack a clear diagnosis. Many people and business owners miss the strategy step and end up rushing off into a binge of DIY problem solving and usually end up getting lost in treating the symptoms, not the actual cause. A strategy is not a set of goals or a collection of big ideas; it's an approach towards thinking about how to help shift your thinking from 'what needs to be done' to 'why it's being done'.


A good idea without a plan to bring it to life is just a wish. The key to achieving anything meaningful is to have a plan with a deadline. But a plan by itself is useless unless you first know what's possible, what's worth focusing on first and what's the right sequence of actions you need to follow.


The more complex the problem being solved, usually the more complex the implementation process that needs to be managed. Even the best-laid plans never put themselves to work - people do.

Track Progress:

As they say, Rome wasn't built in a day, so good plans usually take time to build too.

Adjust & Review:

The one constant in life is change. How we anticipate and react to change is a key indicator of our ability to continue to be successful.

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