Basic Rules for Estate Planning and Wills for Singles

Basic Rules for Modern Estate Planning & Wills for Singles

Don’t know where to start?
Here are some basic guidelines to follow when setting up your Ultimate Plan B

# 01 Know The 3 Guiding Principles

1. Maintain control over your independence & and decisions.
2 Legally document your decisions about people, assets, and entitlements.
4. Have a personal backup plan in place today and you can always update it tomorrow.

# 02 Preparation — Know Your Facts

Do you owe money to another person?
Do you own assets jointly with others?
Do you have any financial dependents?
Might you receive an inheritance in the next 7 years?

# 03 Decisions — Make Your Choices

Who is the person you trust to make important decisions for you if you're sick, injured or absent?

Who is the person you trust to make important medical & lifestyle decisions for you if you can no longer make them for yourself?

Who will be a beneficiary of your future estate assets & entitlements?

Decide who will not be a beneficiary of your future estate assets by completing a 'considered person clause' in your Will.

Decide if your Will's beneficiaries should be protected from possible future financial risks like divorce, bankruptcy, and addictions with a Protective Will.

# 04 Action — Now you're Ready to Build your Legal Docs!

Contact us today when you want to:

Get a Power of Attorney

Get a Power of Enduring Guardianship

Get a Will – Simple Will or Protective Will

and Sleep like a baby

# 05 Pro Tip — Use Our Secure Document Storage Service

Now your Modern Estate Planning is Finally Sorted. Nice.

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