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Our Philosophy

— Secure People Live Bigger Lives

Life should always be about something bigger than money

Life and business intersect and it's near impossible to successfully separate - and keep separate - these two seemingly opposite and often opposing pursuits.

  • Learning how to see the interconnection between life and business – its risks and rewards – and how to navigate these choppy waters, is a skill formed over a lifetime of ups and downs.

Why have a Philosophy about Your Money Matters?

We all effectively exchange our time, and thereby our life, for our money.

We spend so much time seeking and spending our money, (and that's a fun and fulfilling enjoyment we shouldn't undermine) it's only logical our earning and spending is guided by our values and a plan that helps us find a sense of meaning in how we choose to live and spend our lives.

Our lives are a reflection of what we believe and who we want to be. Every purchase we make is, in some way, a glowing endorsement of what we believe and support.

Our Key Difference

  • We believe our products and services are also a portal to a better self and a better world.
  • We want our clients to think bigger about who they are and what they have to offer the world.
  • We understand the drive to protect and provide is evolutionary and hard-wired — perhaps the most admirable of human traits — and learning to first manage the risks in our environment is a foundational approach to becoming a better friend, parent, investor and business owner. 

Today we all demand more from our life, and our money

Today people are requiring more from their life, their work, and their money.

Whether that's because they're working harder and longer (and work demands intrude into our private lives) or because they sense the greater instability of global connectedness to cheaper offshore labour markets, online cross boarder eCommerce and global risks that are then reflected overnight in a rise in our petrol prices locally, a connected economy brings home the risks of an uncertain futurte on our own shores here in Australia.

Today is both the best of times and the most anxious of times

  • We see this in clients investing discussions and decisions about balancing their investment allocations towards ethical investing strategies and away from the planet and people damaging industries, and old technologies
  • We see this in how we teach our children to be sure to pursue character and money. We see it in the growing apprehension and stress that Unexpected Wealth can bring a family, and the unpreparedness of managing an inheritance by those who have never had the take responsibility for managing life and money in such surprise abundance.

Ultimately it's not long until we all face the time old question, that usually remains unanswered in any meaningful way of, 'how much is enough?' and the constant evolutionary tension we all face of risk, scarcity and our instinctive drive to protect and provide against the futures unknown.

So how much is enough? Enough, and then a little bit more.

No time for short attention spans

A personal guiding philosophy about managing your personal risks of life and business, ultimately has to be the sum of many ideas accumulated over a long period of time, from a variety of sources. You can't develop an effective philosophy without having first been exposed to life’s lessons.

In my life, I’ve faced too many difficult times standing alongside my clients and their family members navigating tragedy – providing both rich experiences and powerful lessons.

The most valuable lessons are learned during tough times.

Good times teach only bad lessons; that managing your risks is easy, you can effortlessly take a DIY approach to the most important decisions of life and you need not worry about risk protection strategies for your business, yourself and your family - because bad things never happen to good people.

The Evolution of life and business and the drive to Protect and Provide

To protect and provide is one of humanity's most admirable traits. It's in all of us – instinctive, immediate, strangely intuitive, and often unconscious. We believe the better we protect and provide for the people we love – the better life will become.

Our Purpose

Today, the world we help you protect is changing faster than ever and becoming less predictable. It seems like just yesterday you were in school and today you're getting married, tomorrow you have a family and regardless of whether you run a business, there's a constant pull on your time and focus.

How we can help

At Sapience Financial, we specialise in supporting people like you to live their best financial lives by helping to identify and reduce the key risks to life, love and business.

Contact us for a confidential chat about your needs.

Get Prepared for Life

Protect your Family (& the Small Business that supports you) from the statical realities of Life, Love and Business we all face.

At Sapience Financial We Love Small Business

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