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  • Simple Family Financial Goals checklist

    It's a great way to begin to create a habit of writing goals down and displaying them in a regular place like the fridge.

    This checklist will help gather some of your financial thinking before you speak with your Sapience Adviser on strategies to help get there sooner.

  • Fixed Business Expenses checklist

    This checklist is designed to save you time and outline the information you'll be asked to provide during your interview with your Sapience Financial Adviser.

  • Modern Family Tree worksheet

    Whether you're thinking about life insurance, deciding upon beneficiaries for your superannuation, or getting your emergency support and estate planning documents sorted, use our gender-neutral family tree to help map out your bigger picture, your connections and those you protect and provide for.

  • Badass Budgeting Spreadsheet

    If you need to get more control over your spending plans (yep that's what we call a budget here) you'll need to learn how to budget like a badass.

    If you'd like a Google Sheets version of the spreadsheet, click here and save a copy to your own Google Docs account and be sure to read our article Budget Like a Badass.

  • Business Capacity Statement template

    Nobody wants to commit long-term funds and contracts to a business that cannot demonstrate they’ve taken a commercial approach to the predictable risks and requirements of a good business.

    A Capacity Statement is a recognised term for a formal document that communicates your business's capacity to deliver on your offering and provide greater comfort as you have considered and have the capacity to manage the natural business interruptions.

    These can include contingency plans to mitigate against the loss of key people and expertise and loss of business partners and/or owners due to death or disability.

  • Discussion Starter - Transferring or Retaining Risks

    Families need protection from mortgage debts

    Individuals need to protect their income from sickness, injuries and disabilities

    Business owners and Shareholders need protection from business trading debts, fixed contracts, overhead expenses and loans from funders.

    Growing businesses have risks that grow with them like, managing lumpy cashflow while still paying staff wages, using family homes as bank security for business debts, and relying upon key individuals in the business who if sick or injured and unable to work, would cause the business to stall while they recovered or until a replacement was found.

    This worksheet is a conversation starter about how to begin your thinking about these important issues before speaking with your Sapience financial adviser.

  • Superstar colouring in worksheet

    Sometime you just have to be able to feel the hands-on progress you're making on a Savings project, and the steps you still have to take.  Using this fun colouring in template can help kids (and their adults alike) become more connected to their savings in an increasingly cashless society.


  • When to arrange Intended Parent and IVF Surrogate Life Insurances chart

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Our Sapience eGuides are free educational guides for our clients, friends, and supporters – each designed to help chunk – down bigger financial concepts and habits into bite-sized learnable pieces. Our worksheets are design to help focus your thinking as you start to prepare to work with us.

  • Whether that's helping your kids to begin to learn good financial habits
  • Preparing to learn more about Modern Estate Planning options
  • Understanding the statistical reality that 31 Australian families lose an income-earning parent every day (and what you can do about that)
  • Supporting Same-Sex Newlyweds looking to learn about their new financial decisions

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Coming soonComing Soon: Keep an eye out for our 2024 new eGuide Unexpected Wealth Syndrome and learn new skills on how to better manage an unexpected inheritance, redundancy payment, or even a lottery winning.

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