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Why choose Sapience Financial as your Risk Insurance Adviser?

Simple: You're better off with good advice from a human.

Sapience Financial specialise in understanding and managing the key people-based-risks that small business owners and their families face.

Insurance products are complex legal documents and difficult to understand without guidance

Most Australians looking for risk advice find Life insurance websites confusing and not effective at helping them decide on what they may need and why - with often the only help offered is a form for requesting a sample quote on price.

Although many online shoppers can quickly scan product comparison sites while engaging in some DIY advice, the complexity of different life insurance related products doesn't naturally lend itself to this kind of one-way interaction.

In fact, one government regulator, has cautioned consumers against online shopping for insurance, due to the risk of fraud and the need to have a clear understanding of what they are buying.

No two Life insurance policies are the same and not two clients' needs and circumstances are the same

Each life insurance contract has a particular and different focus.  It takes a skilled professional adviser to understand the differences in the fine print.

  • Simply put, some policies are better at providing more extensive cover for particular types of occupations, pastimes, and sports – even types of existing health conditions.
  • Some policies have a specific cover that's better for female health issues, others for male-specific health issues — to know the degree of difference is our job.

why choose sapience financial as your risk adviser

Life and business problems usually overlap, so should the solutions

It doesn't take long before you realise that life, love, and business never quite work out the way we expect.

Much of life is about managing competing priorities and weighing up the cost of overlapping risks and responsibilities. Ultimately there is no perfect answer for all problems but there is a way to protect and provide that maximises your chances of a happier more predictable life.

We believe secure people live bigger lives.

It's all about a Strategy to help you be better off with good advice

In today's connected world, we don't lack an abundance of information. There is so much information we first have to decide what's relevant to us (and what is not), what's relevant today, and what's best left for tomorrow. Even if you have all the time in the world, sifting through the information is not the same as benefiting from the expertise of a professional's wisdom.

It's all about Support when you need to claim on your insurance policy

Focusing on price alone means you miss understanding the true value. People regularly need to claim on their personal insurance policies.  In 2019, the life insurance industry paid out more than $12 Billion (yes that's a 'B') to around 100,000 Australians and their families.

Insurance claims are usually accompanied by times of significant stress and gift. Having your own financial adviser as your personal advocate at such times is a significant support when you'll need it the most.

Choose Sapience Financial as your Small Business and Family's risk advisor

We're always here to talk. What you get from talking with a real-life person is not a conceptual framework or academic theory, but an experienced point of view integrated into a personality. At Sapience, we're all about The How.

4 Good Reasons

Human Guidance

Business people understand other business people, better. It's more than just sharing insights – it's a shared passion for business. We can help you manage the statistical risks of life and business and develop your Plan B so you can live a bigger life, just in case. We can provide strategies that evolve as your business and personal needs and focus change over time.


Lived Experience and Technical Expertise are what our team brings to the table. Growing a successful small business involves developing systems and protecting that business requires a backup plan that goes beyond the flag waving and first capital raising. Being clear on the risks to manage, is a core part of maintaining that clarity.

We're in it Together

We are an advisor-run-small-business ourselves, so we’re fully committed to you — not outside investors, corporate overlords or institutional owners dictating sales volumes and practices. We understand why every small business (and the family that supports them) has different needs, goals, and risks to manage.


Our greatest pride is helping others protect and provide for their business and the families that support them.

Sapience Financial has been serving our clients for over 20 years, through good times and hard — we know what's required to survive hard times in business and family life.

How we can help

Working with a professional advisor can help you accelerate your understanding and capacities significantly. Facing the complexity of life, love and business and developing a backup plan, just in case, can reduce the inevitable anxiety and 'noise' of modern life and business and striving to get ahead.

Contact us for a confidential chat about your needs.

[ And for the technically minded - we work with an Open Approved Risk Product List ]. This means our clients can have the broadest possible solution horizon because we have access to every Life insurance company in Australia - not just the top 5, or 'the biggest' or however smaller advice practices need to spin it.  (If you like details, you can read more about why that matters here.)


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